Inventory Management

Never go out of stock on your inventory. Helps you categorize products, know low stock items and invest in right inventory to increase your business revenue

Digital Payments

Offer the most extensive range of integrated payment options to your customers

Reports & Analytics

Access your key performance data on the go with our mobile dashboard

Loyalty & Offer Management

Target customers more precisely and maximize their lifetime value with highly personalized campaigns

Lending Support

Avail lending support at competitive interest rates during your peak business season. Get maximum profits!

Supplier Management

Establish better payment cycle with your suppliers and setup an effective re-order that ensures timely replenishment. Happy suppliers offer credit!

Customer Management

Let customers access your store online anytime, anywhere. Manage relations with your customers like never before with effective communication

Multi-channel Management

Integrate all your retail channels with the most seamless and end-to-end platform available

Credit Management

The debt or pending payment of each customer is stored online so that it becomes easy to manage and collect the debt

Offline Mode

Record transactions even when there is no internet connection. The application automatically synchronizes everything when the internet connection comes back

Simple Billing

Speed up transactions, keep queues short with minimal stress. No technical knowledge required!


Let your customers subscribe to your products to better manage your inventory

More & more Enterprises are moving to nStore platform

Our platform enables SMEs and unorganised retailers to offer the same customer experience as provided by an online or organized retail.

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