Start Your Business From Anywhere

Run a Fully Set-up Store on your Mobile 

Become a Seller or
Virtual Store Owner (VSO)

Become a Seller or
Virtual Store Owner (VSO)

Students, homemakers, small enterprises, agents – anyone can be a seller with a fully set-up virtual store on nLite.

  • Boost Earnings
  • Access Quality Products
  • Hassle-free & Convenient

How to get started

Register > Browse Products > Capture orders & Earn

Become a Supplier

nLITE is keen to support local businesses and small/medium enterprises who produce and supply high-quality products.  The platform handles billing and invoicing, order tracking, inventory management, reports and more. 

  • Committed Orders
  • Increase in Brand Visibility & Customer Base
  • Effective Distribution of Products

How to get started

Send us your Catalog > Set Price > View & Fulfill Orders

Earn More by Selling Online

nLITE is a digital marketplace platform connecting small/medium businesses and customers through Sellers called Virtual Store Owners (VSOs). 

Quick Payoff Cycle

7 days for sellers and 2 days for suppliers - shortest settlement period

Sell Own Products

Be a seller and a supplier, and grow your business manifold

Seamless Delivery

Handled by nLite and suppliers through partners

nLITE brings together local businesses and aspiring micro-entrepreneurs and increases income for both. 

Making an Impact

With nLITE I was able to triple my customers in 2 months from home. They are very happy with the quality of products.
Divya N
VSO (Seller)
As a VSO, I have seen a steady increase in my weekly income. nLITE is very easy to use, it handles invoicing, orders and accounts.
VSO (Seller)
A unique business model. It has enabled me to me grow my business without huge investments. Through VSO Sellers we have connected with several loyal customers.
R. Jagannathan
Founder - Nallakeerai (Supplier)

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