3000+ Stores are using nStore

Our platform enables SMEs and unorganised retailers to offer the same customer experience as provided by an online or organized retail.


Transform your physical store

Get complete information about your store on your smartphone, including stocks, monthly purchases, suppliers’ information, digital copies of receipts, etc. You can make informed decisions on-the-go, such as reordering of stock, just by accessing details on your phone. Convenience is at your fingertips. 

A large departmental store in Chennai wanted to replace their old system with a more robust android based system to support the growing needs to their customers. They wanted an integrated solution which can handle payments, loyalty, billing, offers, coupons, promotions, Credit Management out of the box.

Solution: nStore migrated our front systems seamlessly and now we’re able to engage with our customers better. Now, we have plans to create a B2C application for our loyal customer base and start delivery to the home within 1 hour

Increase the visibility and reach of your store… Go digital! You can boast of an increased number of loyal customers, because you offer them easy and convenient access to you. nStore offers you a platform to sell products without having to invest in an office space or buying inventory. In addition, the digital marketplace helps buys and sellers interact and transact online, without the hassle of middlemen. Reports, billing and invoicing, stock details etc. are maintained digitally on the app.

A Farmer Producer Company based out of Chennai whose primary objective was to provide natural farm produce directly to the consumer bypassing the intermediaries wanted to scale efficiently without adding huge costs that will impact the product pricing.

Solution: nStore not only helped us with a solution but also presented their innovative Virtual Store Owner model where an agent registered with the company can capture orders and our warehouse will manage the inventory and ship directly to the consumer. This unique model has given us an edge in the market to engage with our customers

Virtual store - Unbranded Product Suppliers

nStore organizes the unorganized chain of distributors, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers. We offer a digital marketplace where sellers can showcase their products and bulk buyers can place an order. This process cuts down middle-men, so all parties can get maximum profits. So if you are a manufacturer or a supplier looking to build your network, then nStore is the platform to bank on.

Virtual store - Become Homepreneurs

If you do not wish to make an investment or take up a full-time job, then become a Homepreneur! nStore is building an easy way for everyone to start their online stores and wish to empower about a million such people one day. When you become a homepreneur, all relevant details are provided on your smartphone. You can start selling to your family, friends and followers and become a part of the e-commerce revolution in India. The best part is, nStore takes care of everything, right from finding products and brands, technology, payments, delivery and returns, to handling customer care. All you need to do is sell.

Enterprise Solutions

nStore helps you build a frictionless and personalized customer journey. It helps build confidence among your team for making any pivotal decisions and planning a sales strategy for the financial year. With easy access to reports and analytics across geography, business processes can be continuously improved, changing market needs can be addressed and progress can be monitored. 

A Nutraceutical Company based out of Chennai which boast a 300,000+ user base and a robust agent network wanted to engage with their customer and agents in a seamless manner and they wanted a solution that can support them in their global operations. The need was not an application but for a partner who can help them in creating an ecosystem.

Solution: nStore was able to demonstrate this capability and now the relationship has spanned more than 2 years with 5 Value Added Partner integrations on the platform, 5 Countries being launched, 100,000+ inactive customers being engaged and reactivated and more than INR 2 Crores of new Business generated out of this platform and growing

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