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1.What is nStore?
nStore is an convinience portal which gives a easy access to your neighbourhood store online and on mobile.
You can register to nStore, select your store and start shopping.
nStore is a convinience platform to enable your neighbourhood store to go online.
2.How do I register?
Visit Enter your Email Id and choose the register button.
The portal will take you to registration portal where your need to enter your name,Address,Phone No,Preferred store.
You can also use your facebook Id.
3.How do i find the stores in my Area?
There is a select store button,click on the select store button. Choose city,location and the store and click update option.
4.Can I directly login to the store of my choice?
We have a direct website for some of our platinum can directly go to the store and enjoy shopping.
Platinum stores AP Supermarket Virukambakkam KDELI OMR
5.Can I access nStore on my mobile?
nStore is accessible and mobile compatible with all smart phones (android,ios(iphone,ipad) and windows mobiles).
6.How do I place the order?
There are three ways of placing the order.

a) you can simple enter the item you would like to purchase on the text box.It will list the items matching the items in the store availability.You simply enter the item even if it is not showing a drop down and enter the quantity and press ‘Add Item’ button. Repeat the process to add more items.

b)Select view by category and select the category you want to purchase. Browse through the list until you find the item you want and select the quantity you would like to purchase. You can select multiple items in the same screen. You navigate to other categories and repeat the same process to add more items.

c)if you have made some purchases already, you can select ‘View last months order’ and repeat the order or modify the list to make a fresh order.

After a/b/c steps press ‘Order Now’ button and you would be navigated to the store screen where you can select tje delivery options, Time/Date of pickup/Delivery.
7.Will I be charged extra for using nStore?
There is absolutely no charge for retail customers for Desktop or Mobile usage.
8.Can I select only one item and order?
Yes you can but it depends on the store policy to deliver, these might be minimum amounts for delivery.
You can place any no of order for pick up, there would be no minimum.
9.What do you mean by Pre approved and approval needed while placing the order?
If pre approved is selected the store will directly start processing the order.
If Approval required required is selected the order value would be updated and the store will process only when confirm back that it is OK to process the order.
10.How do I know my order is ready?
Once the order is placed at entry point where the status gets updated you will get an email or the change in status you can also track the order in your nStore portal where you can check the status of your pending order.
11.Where can I check the pending orders?
Home screen and in the top right you can click home and check on pending orders.
12.I am a retailer/Store. How do I register?
Please send a mail in or you can contact us @ 9380041302
To Add your store to nStore Click here
Store Registration