Project Jayini : working while you study!

In an initiative called Project Jayini, nStore Technologies Private Limited and Amshuhu iTech Solutions Private Limited give students an opportunity to study and the chance to gain work experience simultaneously.

The selected students will be pursuing an undergraduate BCA degree via online mode from Sastra University and they would be trained/groomed via real project experiences at nStore & Amshuhu. It is an effort that was developed primarily to create an ecosystem where students get closer experience to Industry and create a differentiator due to this package.

The students will be given a stipend during this period to cover the fees and incidental expenses. The training and orientation will cover all necessary skillsets to build a career in IT covering soft, behavioural, process, domain and technical skills. Lakshminarasimhan Rangachari, the CFO and Co-founder of nStore Technologies

As a start, more than 15 students have signed up to participate in this solid debut. Participating in this programme, which offers a fantastic platform for learning and working simultaneously, was a delight for both the students and their parents.

The CEO of Amshuhu, Balamurugan, gave the enrolled students orientation on the significance of this programme so they would be equipped for the first set of Project Jayini 2022

This initiative is expected to help hundreds of students to experience the right balance of academics and Industry experience. Project Jayini will enable students to earn and study at the same time.