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A hyperlocal engagement platform that connects consumers with the merchants in their local community. 


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Micro Community

A hyperlocal engagement platform that connects consumers with local merchants, making it easy for individuals to discover and engage with businesses in their community neighborhood.

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Identify the community –
apartment complex or residential area

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Enable stores around the community with online platform

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Engage with consumers in the community to order online and earn patronage reward

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Create a seamless engagement platform between stores and community

Why nStore?

nStore is the first of its kind community platform offering a comprehensive range of products and services at your doorstep. nStore has been relentlessly working towards bringing residential communities and local trusted retailers together by connecting them “digitally”.

Some of the capabilities of our platform that you as a resident, supplier will enjoy are:

For Community/Consumer

  • No app download required.
  • Engage with local stores online.
  • Earn rewards for supporting local stores.
  • Discover new products in your neighborhood.

For Stores

  • Take your store online.
  • Increase visibility in the community.
  • Flexible delivery options.
  • Directly engage with customers on our platform.

For Product Suppliers

  • Expand Distribution Reach.
  • Generate Demand.
  • Sell through Stores.
  • Make your products visible to the Community online.

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