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Buyer Network Participant Disclosure 

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11 – Oct – 2023


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Buyer Network Participant Disclosure for nStore Technologies Pvt Ltd


27 – Dec – 2023


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Buyer Network Participant Disclosure for nStore Technologies Pvt Ltd

At nStore Technologies Private Limited, our goal is to deliver a seamless and secure buying experience through our Buyer App. We aim to provide clarity and transparency regarding the app’s functionalities, policies, and data practices. Please review the following disclosure for detailed information:

Product Sorting Parameters for Search Results

nLincs employs a range of product sorting parameters to enhance the user experience and help buyers discover products that meet their preferences.

  1. Relevance: Products are initially sorted based on their relevance to the user’s search query. This parameter takes into account factors such as product title to provide the most relevant results first.
  2. Popularity: Products that have received a higher number of views, interactions, and positive reviews from other users are given priority in search results. This parameter helps users discover products that are widely recognized and appreciated by the community.
  3. Price: Users can choose to sort products by price, either from low to high or from high to low, depending on their budget and preferences.
  4. Location: Users can view Hyperlocal products when only available in the set radius of the store visibility. 
  1. App Overview:

Our Buyer App serves as a platform connecting buyers with various sellers offering a wide range of products. It facilitates browsing, purchasing, and tracking orders from different merchants.

  1. Data Collection and Usage:
  • Personal Information: We collect and utilize personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. This may include names, contact details, and billing information to process orders and offer customer support.
  • Usage Data: Anonymous usage data is collected to enhance app performance, analyze trends, and improve user experience. This includes information about interactions within the app, such as search queries, viewed products, and time spent on pages.
  1. Security Measures:
  • We prioritize the security of user data, employing robust measures to safeguard against unauthorized access, alteration, or disclosure.
  1. Third-Party Services:
  • Our app may integrate with third-party services for functions like payment processing and analytics. These services have their own privacy policies and terms of use, and users are encouraged to review them.
  1. User Rights:
  • Users retain the right to access, modify, or delete their personal information stored within the app. For any data management assistance, users can contact our customer support team.
  1. Updates and Modifications:
  • This disclosure document may undergo periodic updates to reflect changes in app functionalities, policies, or data handling practices. Users will be informed of significant updates.
  1. Contact Information:

For inquiries, concerns, or requests related to this disclosure or the app’s usage, please reach out to us at

By utilizing the nStore Technologies Private Limited Buyer App, you confirm that you have read and comprehend this disclosure document and agree to our terms and policies.

Thank you for selecting our Buyer App for your purchasing requirements.

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