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nStore offers an integrated Digital Order-To-Deliver and Customer Engagement solution to traditional, online, mobile retailers in the unorganized segment

nStore is a startup with a unique platform that brings the suppliers and store owners together in a virtual marketplace and is striving to organize the retail businesses in India. India has over 25 million unorganized retail outlets and they are expected to control over 85% of the total retail market in 2020. nStore will digitally empower the small stores to reduce costs, increase sales, personalize customer service and enable them to become the hub of the neighbourhood ecosystem comprised of their customers, suppliers and partners.

Over the last couple of years, nStore has created a robust platform to handle the order capture and customer management functionalities which has helped the unorganized businesses connect with their suppliers and customers better. nStore has created a unique Online Union Offline (OUO) model where the customer can come via any of the channels

  • Online
  • Offline
  • Assisted Commerce Model

The main focus of nStore has been to create a simple platform that can cater to the needs of  unorganized business users and help them build an ecosystem by leveraging on the services offered by our valued partners.

nStore was started with a vision to play the role of a ‘Technology Catalyst’ enabling retailers to chart their digital growth strategy and realize their full business potential. nStore is an end to end Store Management Platform that currently aims to serve five broad categories of Retailers 

  1. Kirana or provision stores 
  2. Medical 
  3. Sports and fitness 
  4. QSRs (Bakeries and Fast Food) 
  5. Service vendors such as Dairy, Newspaper, Cable operators, etc and many more.

This platform has a comprehensive set of functionalities to enable the unorganized retailers & SMEs to manage their operations efficiently, create customer engagement and grow business.


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Pradeep Sampath

Pradeep is the CEO of nStore with more than 22 years of experience in the IT and Payments fields. He has a great entrepreneurial drive and is very passionate about revolutionizing the unorganized businesses in India and making it efficient from the top of the supply chain to the bottom.

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Sudharsan Srinivasan

Sudharsan is the CTO of nStore who has more than 20 years of experience in the Retail, E-commerce, and CPG sectors.
With his extensive experience in the supply chain field, he aims to bring nStore at the forefront of the Indian Retail Sector.


Lakshmi Narasimhan

Lakshmi is the Co-founder & COO of nStore who has more than 18 years of experience in the IT service delivery department.
He is an expert in creating and upscaling new platforms and aims to make nStore a success.

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Ajinkya Rasal

Ajinkya is the founding team member and Head, Alliances & Partnerships at nStore.
With 12+ years of experience in varied sectors, he aims to build an ecosystem that clients can leverage on.

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