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nStore offers an integrated Digital Order-To-Deliver and Customer Engagement solution to traditional, online, mobile retailers in the unorganized segment


What do we offer?

A digital platform offering market access solutions to neighbourhood retailers through our unique Community Commerce Model and mobile-based solution to Communities for convenient door-step order delivery.

Our Core Belief

Physical + Digital = Phygital

will be future of Retail

Inclusive Commerce

is the next wave in Online Commerce – Include the Neighbourhood Stores to penetrate deep.

Product & Store Discovery

at a local level is important to drive inclusive commerce


the Neighbourhood Store is the key to creating an engaging community

We have learnt from our experience of building a 7000+ Store network that Neighbourhood Stores need support beyond a technology platform.

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Identify the Community –
apartment complex or residential area


Last Mile Delivery Services

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Short Term Credit Services

nStore’s unique SaaS based digital OUO (Online Union Offline) platform enables the retailer to adopt digital by putting the retailer at the centre and build an ecosystem around the retailer.

Our Inclusive Commerce Model

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nStore engages with SMB retailers and make them discoverable. nStore handholds them in their digital adoption journey by setting up their digital footprint, product catalog, payment gateway, customer engagement, Order to delivery and customer rewards functionalities.

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We enable them to trade online and offline through our Community Commerce Platform. Each Store is mapped to a community and nStore t promotes the stores within the community through various partner relationships and channels.

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We help them capture and execute the transactions using a simple recharge model. For order delivery, nStore connects the retailer with various fulfilment partners or their own network to deliver the order in that neighbourhood.

nStore ensures the Local Stores see a growth in orders and customers from communities; and that Communities benefit from the convenience of door-step delivery and the wide selection available at their fingertips; for their daily/weekly/monthly needs.


Pradeep Sampath

Pradeep is the CEO of nStore with more than 22 years of experience in the IT and Payments fields. He has a great entrepreneurial drive and is very passionate about revolutionizing the unorganized businesses in India and making it efficient from the top of the supply chain to the bottom.

Sudharsan Srinivasan

Sudharsan is the CDO of nStore who has more than 20 years of experience in the Retail, E-commerce, and CPG sectors. With his extensive experience in the supply chain field, he aims to bring nStore at the forefront of the Indian Retail Sector.

Lakshmi Narasimhan

Lakshmi is the Co-founder & COO of nStore who has more than 18 years of experience in the IT service delivery department. He is an expert in creating and upscaling new platforms and aims to make nStore a success.

Ajinkya Rasal

Ajinkya is the founding team member and Head, Alliances & Partnerships at nStore. With 15+ years of experience in varied sectors, he aims to build an ecosystem that clients can leverage on.

Ameet Sochar

Ameet is the National Sales Head at nStore and he comes with a rich experience of 23 years across various industries. He has won several awards in his previous endeavours and aims to replicate the same at nStore. He is an expert in building and maintaining retail relationships

Ajeeth Boaz

Ajeeth Boaz is the Associate Delivery Director, with over 14 years of experience in the field of IT and a decade of dedicated Project Management expertise. His extensive background in Project Management spans various domains, including web applications, mobile applications, web solutions, and Digital transformation. Ajeeth has successfully overseen projects involving a considerable number of professionals from various locations. His experience in the eCommerce sector and his track record of training and mentoring individuals across different technology stacks make him a valuable addition to our team.

Santosh Hanumelingu

Santosh Hanumelingu is the Head of Operations at nStore. He comes with 19+ years of invaluable experience in Business Growth & Operations, Product & Brand building, Customer Service & Experience. Santosh comes with a proven track record in B2C, B2B, and D2C domains. His career spans various sectors, showcasing his dedication as a growth leader with an unwavering commitment to process & excellence.

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