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Our Unique nJoy Rewards Program offers subscribers Patronage

Get 15% Rewards on Every Order

nJoy is a patronage reward program from nStore Technologies to support the local Retail Stores in the Neighborhood. nJoy Program enables the consumer (YOU) to earn patronage rewards on every purchase from the Neighborhood Retail Store part of the nLincs Network.

nStore is propagating the idea of supporting the Neighborhood Stores in the Community with their vision of “GO LOCAL”, “BE VOCAL’. We believe that the Community needs to support the local Businesses. nStore is enabling the neighborhood stores to go online with nLincs and more than anyday they need your support today and nJoy Program is our way of expressing our gratitude for your patronage

Right on top of this page you can click on the subscribe button and pay subscription charges to be part of the program. As a nJoy member you will pay INR 99/- per month to support this initiative.

You can also go to your logged in section on the link and click on MY WALLET to subscribe anytime.

As an nJoy member you will get 15% patronage reward on every purchase which will be credited to your wallet on the MY WALLET  section. These rewards can be used for future purchase after 30 days from the date of purchase.

We are bringing in more exclusive services to this program which will make it compelling.

New services will be announced from time to time.

Currently you can use this for your future purchases. The patronage rewards will be available on your wallet which can be used after 30 days

Exciting things are on the works to put this patronage rewards to good use.

Under the logged in section of your community link you will have a section called MY WALLET which will show the available balance and the patronage rewards earned.

Write to us on support@nstore.in to experience our superlative support services.

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