Food Ordering in Trains: Boon or Bane. -
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Food Ordering in Trains: Boon or Bane.

Food ordering in trains has become a boon for passengers, providing them with convenience and a wide range of dining options while traveling. Here are some reasons why food ordering in trains is considered a boon:


Previously, train passengers had limited options when it came to food during their journey. They either had to carry homemade meals or rely on pantry car services, which may not always offer the desired variety or quality. With food ordering services, passengers can now easily access a vast range of cuisines and dishes from their smartphones or online platforms. They can order food from their preferred restaurants and have it delivered directly to their seats at their desired time.

Choice and Variety:

Food ordering platforms for trains typically have tie-ups with multiple restaurants and food outlets across various cities and towns. This allows passengers to choose from a diverse menu, including regional specialties, popular chains, and even healthy food options. Whether it’s vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or special dietary requirements, passengers can find a wide variety of options to suit their preferences.

Hygiene and Quality:

Food safety and quality have always been a concern for train passengers. By partnering with reputed restaurants and food delivery services, food ordering platforms ensure that the food prepared is of high quality and adheres to hygiene standards. Many platforms have user reviews and ratings, helping passengers make informed choices about the restaurants they order from.


One common issue with train journeys is uncertainty regarding food availability at specific stations, especially during odd hours or long-haul journeys. Food ordering services eliminate this uncertainty by allowing passengers to pre-order meals as per their schedule. Passengers can specify their preferred delivery time, ensuring their meals arrive when they need them.

Seamless Payment Options:

Food ordering platforms provide convenient and secure payment options, including online payment gateways and cash on delivery. This makes it hassle-free for passengers to pay for their meals without the need for exact change or dealing with cash-related inconveniences.

Customer Support:

Food ordering platforms usually offer dedicated customer support to address any issues or concerns faced by passengers. This ensures a smooth and satisfactory experience for customers, as they can seek assistance in case of order modifications, cancellations, or other queries.

Overall, food ordering in trains has revolutionized the dining experience during train journeys, offering passengers a convenient, varied, and hygienic food service. It has become a boon for travelers who can now enjoy delicious meals of their choice without any hassle.

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